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The Family & Community Empowerment Model: Let's build up family & community!


The key to future empowerment lies in connecting and strengthening the family unit. It is critical to utilize models which seek and incorporate community voice into development. With the requisite inputs and understanding of community needs, commercial and community development can play a significant role in shaping brighter futures.

The "Family & Community Empowerment Model" looks to introduce multi-functional and multi-generational uses within commercial development of all sizes to address societal gaps while also connecting to future workforce needs. The word 'family' takes into account and incorporates the many different structural forms that family can have and looks to a holistic experience extending across family types.

The 'Family & Community Empowerment Model' seeks to strengthen family units and underserved communities with multi-generational and multi-functional offerings including but not limited to: programs across financial literacy, career and self awareness, programs and offerings with health, wellness alongside athletics with co-working and collaborative spaces for innovators, entrepreneurs and freelancers. The co-working and collaborative spaces will consciously reflect the community and its heroes in artwork, appeal and approach throughout the space. The solicited community feedback - through surveys, zoom and in person post pandemic- will help to influence direction, provide community voice and ultimately, better adoption through inclusion.

The end result will yield families who can work and grow together across generations. The families will form the framework and backbone of a stronger community.

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