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I.Lanre Ajakaiye is a first generation, African American with roots from Lagos, Nigeria. He has spoken to thousands across his time as a Keynote Speaker, Lecturer and Panelist.  His speeches have been called “Inspirational,” and “transformational.”

Lanre’s background and success is across the Fortune 50 well as some of America’s Most Loved Non-Profits in Executive and leadership roles as well as his own social entrepreneurship startups in real estate and events which has gone on to be enjoyed by thousands until this very day.    His talks bridge Leadership, Innovation,  Scaling and Growing A Brand from scratch and Positive Mindset and High Level Execution or Just Getting Things Done!

As the first person in New England to be approved by the SEC to crowdfund real estate under 25 Bough – a $7.7M project- Lanre can morph through how he was able to drive community engagement, adoption and support raising a quarter of a millions dollars from 188 community investors without first going to a bank.  He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at Classical High School as well as the Hall of Fame for community service and leadership by the Mayor and City of Providence.  Lanre awes high school, colleges and universities with his innovation, creativity and success. 

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