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Position Your Social Enterprise, B-Corp or Non-Profit To Secure 6-7 Figure Funding And Ignite Positive Change in 60 Days- Or We’ll Work With You For Free!

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Who is this for?

This Powerful Program Is For You If You’re Experiencing One Or More Of The Following:

Overcoming Lack of Clarity and Differentiation

Do you find it difficult to define a unique and compelling value proposition, or articulate what your‌ social enterprise, B-Corp, or non-profit offers and how it helps people? I'll help you craft a clear, market-ready brand presentation that resonates with potential sponsors and investors and ensures you stand out from the competition.

Complex and Costly Growth Strategies (Putting It All Together from A - Z)

Are you frustrated by the time and money spent trying to piece together a coherent strategy for business growth? Our program provides a straightforward system that breaks down the entire process for you and allows you to focus on achieving results without unnecessary complexity or excessive costs.

Getting Over the Fear of Rejection, Sales and The Unknown

Have you experienced anxiety, hesitation, or fear of rejection when approaching potential investors to fund your project, initiative, or venture? I'll teach you a relationship-driven approach to sales that helps build confidence, creates natural connections, and reduces the stress and discomfort associated with traditional sales tactics.

Difficulty in Securing Sustainable Funding (Let’s Get You Funded!)

Do you worry about finding consistent and reliable sources of funding? I'll connect you with a range of sustainable funding options, including corporate sponsorships, grants, and investments so your business has the resources it needs to thrive.


What to expect from this program

"Idrees "Lanre" Ajakaye  is truly one of the greatest talents I've ever known. His leadership, strategic, marketing, and sales disciplines are unmatched. Lanre leads by example and fears no challenge. He is a true visionary and innovative leader. He's taught me so much over the years. I'm blessed to have worked with him and to have him as a friend."

Nicholas Adamo


"Innovation. Lanre simply does not think like others' do. He takes a challenge, turns it, tilts it, spins it, and goes far beyond the intial challenge. More than a mere problem solver, Lanre sees what the future should be, and inspires us to do what it takes to get there."

Bonnie Sullivan


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How The Program Works

Positioning Your Brand To Skyrocket Success!

Elevate your business's potential for 6/7-figure funding with a tailored marketing and sales system designed to deliver winning brand positioning. Create a rock-solid presentation package and position your business well to corporate sponsors or for grants.

Proven Relationship-Driven Sales System

Build powerful connections and turn prospects into partners who are eager to support and fund your vision. Implement our proven system that prioritizes relationship-building over traditional sales tactics and makes selling natural and effective.

Funding Strategies Made Simple

Utilize the power of simplicity in your funding strategy with a step-by-step system designed for quick execution and to provide you with clarity. Discover a proven pathway to raise money for your social enterprise, B-Corp, or Non-Profit that amplifies and refreshes your traditional fundraising methods.


See what some of our clients are saying

"Calling Lanre "Creative" is an understatement - he's a passionate and driven marketer at heart... everything he touches gets his undivided attention and he's exceptional when it comes to creating a unique story for things that might otherwise be unexciting to the average Joe! I always found Lanre to be well spoken and willing to take the time to explain things that didn't make sense to others - he has a clear passion for marketing and sales - and I truly hope he continues to leverage his expertise in years to come."

Samantha Reeves


"For over four years, I’ve worked management and initiatives alongside Lanre and witnessed his approach in various settings. Simply stated, Lanre uses a customer centric sales, growth and innovation mindset. He has been able to influence and build relationships from leaders to associate level to achieve the organization’s sales, lead generation and retention goals across multi-site teams in domestic and international locations. I would certainly call him a sales and marketing expert who stays ahead of current technologies as well as conceiving, designing and implementing them. Together we’ve presented to teams from Japan, Korea, Poland and he was selected to present to the then chairman and CEO of MetLife as well as executive team members on numerous occasions. He is certainly an impact player."

- Vincent Liberis


"In the fast paced, high stress position of New York real estate, Idrees’s success was due to a high level sales and presentation skills combined with an innate ability to multi-task. He builds rapport effortlessly and maintains high level relationships at all levels. Within leadership, Idrees was key in developing the vision, strategy, business objectives as well as the execution of sales with during times of rapid transformation. He was a driving force of the company’s growth responsible for closing and negotiation of all deals with some of Manhattan’s biggest real estate owners and management companies. After five years of working with Idrees, it is quite understated for me to say he possesses a superb experience to drive sales, revenue and growth and should be a welcome addition to any team."

Chris Shiamili


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